Tiny Tips #2 – Making Stencils Without CNC

After using one of my Diresta-inspired stencils to tag my converted gun cabinet, it seemed like a good idea to show everyone how I make them. I don’t have regular access to a CNC router (or even irregular access, if you want to get technical), but for something this simple, you really don’t need one.

There are probably a million more ways to do this, but my method is pretty simple: print out the stencil I want, cover it in masking tape, and then cut out the letters using a knife. The tape reinforces the paper and it stands up to the paint surprisingly well.

As a side note, this is one of a million reasons why I don’t buy blue tape. Regular old masking tape is cheaper and works just as well for everything that isn’t actual painting. For something like this, it’s a lot easier to see the print through masking tape than it is to see it through blue tape. Save yourself a few bucks next time.

Work safe,