New Year, Here We Come!

Hey everyone!

I hope you’re all having a great holiday. I’m sure you’re all recovering fromĀ a New Year’s celebration of some kind. I could lie and say that I’m doing the same, but I’ve spent the whole week down in the workshop, so I’m exhausted for entirely different reasons.

I spent most of the week with my friend Dylan. He has a large collection of Magic: the Gathering cards and wanted something a little nicer to store them in.

Done. #onecarworkshop #magicthegathering #mtg #box #custom #woodworking #walnut #maple

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This is what we built. Dylan picked the lumber and came up with the design, and I provided input along the way and did the heavy-duty cutting and milling. Dylan worked the chop saw and the sander while I handled anything that needed the table saw or the bandsaw.

Because I only had three days with Dylan to get this project completed, I opted not to film it. However, I’m so happy with how the box came out that I’m going to make another one for YouTube. If I can figure out Sketchup, I’ll make the plans available as well.

Thanks for reading, everyone. Work safe.


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