Future Projects and Upcoming Videos

Hey everybody,

Things have been quiet around the shop lately. I’m adjusting to my unemployment and trying to get things done around the house. There are a lot of projects that fell by the wayside in the last few months and I’m taking the opportunity to get caught up.

On the video front, I’m working on a number of woodworking projects — a full-length mirror for my wife, a sliding-lid card box (and accompanying deck boxes), a video about which plastics are safe to use with which solvents, and a video about my new shop cabinet and organization system that I’m very excited about.

The push for organization also comes from the fact that I’ve picked up a number of new tools: a 6″ bench grinder, an 8″ bench grinder, and an oscillating spindle sander. I’m also trying to get organized in preparation for a lathe (a belated Christmas present from my wife (thanks, love!)).

I will have a video out this week, though. Guaranteed. Hang in there and thanks for reading.

Work safe!


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