New Video: Modern Steel and Walnut Shop Stool


Hi everyone,

My latest project video, Steel and Walnut Modern Shop Stool, is out now! You can see it by clicking the image above, which will take you right to my YouTube channel.

This was a fun build and my first welding project. I’ve welded before, but this is the first “real” project that I’ve completed start to finish using the welder. The top is 4/4 walnut and the base is mostly 16 gauge 1″ square tubing with a few pieces of 1/8″ x 1″ flat bar on top to attach the wood. Once I got the welder dialed in, things came together very quickly.

As I mentioned in my welder review, welding is a new skill for me, so I’m picking it up as I go along. It’s been fun most of the time (frustrating at other times) and I’m eager to apply this new skill to other projects in the future.

Special thanks for this video go to David, Jerry, Carlos, and Chris, all of whom had a hand in the final product. Chris gave me the walnut, David and Jerry helped with my welding, and Carlos is an invaluable resource when it comes to video editing. I could not have done this without them.

Thanks as always to everyone on Patreon, whose contributions made the build possible. Steel isn’t expensive, but working for myself doesn’t pay all that well (yet), so the additional support allows me to buy materials and devote more of my time to the channel.

Thanks to everyone reading. Get out there and make something awesome.