Welcome, MakerCast Listeners!

Hey everybody!

I was fortunate to be the guest on this week’s MakerCast. Jon is a fantastic interviewer and I’m honored he wanted me on his show. You can listen via your favorite podcast aggregator or by following the link above.

Here is the “Paper Olympians” article I mentioned in the podcast. You can read all of my work at http://makezine.com/author/billlivolsi

I will periodically post updates about the Jimmy DiResta book, but for now: I’m writing a book with Jimmy DiResta. It’s going to be awesome.

More later.


Welcome, Reclaimed Audio listeners!

Hello everybody! I was honored to appear on Episode 32 of the Reclaimed Audio Podcast, which will release Wednesday, June 15th. I had a great time with Phil, Tim, and Lutes and I hope to talk to them again soon.

As I said during the show, my name isn’t the easiest thing to spell, so here’s where you can find my work:

I am a freelance writer for Make: Magazine. I write about makers doing unique and inspiring work. I love doing this, because it allows me to use a skill I developed over my entire career to highlight people doing great things on a platform that reaches millions of people.

I have a YouTube channel where I make videos about trying to make efficient use of a small workshop space. I’m working out of a one car garage (hence the channel name), so I want people to know that you can do great stuff without a huge workspace. Some sample videos you might enjoy include the walnut and steel workshop stool, the clear storage drawers, the etched steel sign, and the Maker Faire Bay Area 2016 wrap-up.

You can also find me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Patreon.

Thanks so much!