The DIRESTA Book and World Maker Faire NY

Hey everyone,

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m writing a book with Jimmy DiResta about his life, his philosophy, and his advice to other Makers. I am super excited about the project and I want to spend as much time as I can on it. However, as it isn’t a paying gig until much later on (when I sell the book to a publisher), I need your help. 

I have started a fundraiser to help me take a trip to New York and spend time in Jimmy’s workshop. I want to see what his life is like when the cameras are off and no one is watching. I want to visit the upstate Maker Mecca and Jimmy’s Farmhouse and see what the future holds. I want to hear from people in the neighborhood about what Jimmy is like. I want to hear from Jimmy’s neighbors and friends. I want to sit in on one of Jimmy’s classes at the School of Visual Arts.

The trip will also coincide with World Maker Faire NY, which is where Jimmy first got in touch with Make: Magazine. This relationship is what allowed his channel to really take off.

Anything you can spare is appreciated! If you can’t (and believe me, I understand), please share the campaign around to your friends and family. I’ve already received donations from total strangers, which is both humbling and invigorating.

I’m gonna make this happen. Let’s get it done.


3 thoughts on “The DIRESTA Book and World Maker Faire NY

  1. Hey Bill, I’d love to help but the embedded content doesn’t work in Firefox, I can’t use Flash, can you post a link?

  2. Woops, too late, I found it and I see you got what you needed congratulations. I can’t wait for the book! Good luck.

    • Thanks Dave! I got everything I needed so I shut it off. It didn’t seem right to keep taking money past what was necessary to make the trip.

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