Looking ahead: Judging the No Lathe Pen Challenge and More

Hey everyone,

So the No Lathe Pen Challenge is closed — that is, we’re no longer accepting new entries. Thank you to everyone who participated! We received 205 entries for the challenge, and 48 people made their first ever YouTube video. That’s amazing. I hope you all had as much fun as I did.

If you want to see all of the entries, you can watch the No Lathe Pen Challenge playlist on YouTube. Be warned, though: there are over 18 hours worth of video on this list. It might take a while to work through.

Here’s what happens next:The judges are going to work through the entries and provide a shortlist of finalists. Then we will get together and discuss the shortlist until we determine who wins. There are four judges (I am not one of them but I reserve the right to break ties, if any occur), and each of them has to watch all the videos in the list, so… this might take a while. Stay tuned but don’t hold your breath. We will get it figured out and have another announcement shortly.

I’m also trying to put together something special for the 48 people who made their first video for this challenge, since I feel they deserve some extra recognition. Starting a channel can be scary. Putting yourself and your work out there can be scary. They did it anyway.

Thank you all for participating and supporting One Car Workshop. Thanks to Rockler, Tommy G Workshop, and Surly-Ramics for providing the prizes. Special thanks to Jimmy DiResta and David Waelder for their support (getting your playlist linked from a channel with 900,000+ subscribers helps a lot). And the biggest thanks to everyone who saw this and said “yeah, I can do that.” Because anyone can do that. That’s the point.

Much love,