Tiny Tips #2 – Making Stencils Without CNC

After using one of my Diresta-inspired stencils to tag my converted gun cabinet, it seemed like a good idea to show everyone how I make them. I don’t have regular access to a CNC router (or even irregular access, if you want to get technical), but for something this simple, you really don’t need one.

There are probably a million more ways to do this, but my method is pretty simple: print out the stencil I want, cover it in masking tape, and then cut out the letters using a knife. The tape reinforces the paper and it stands up to the paint surprisingly well.

As a side note, this is one of a million reasons why I don’t buy blue tape. Regular old masking tape is cheaper and works just as well for everything that isn’t actual painting. For something like this, it’s a lot easier to see the print through masking tape than it is to see it through blue tape. Save yourself a few bucks next time.

Work safe,

Tiny Tips – Melamine and Masking Tape

Tiny Tips - Melamine and Masking TapeHi everybody!

I just released my first Tiny Tips video. This series will explore useful tips and tricks around the shop. You probably know some of these tricks already, but some may be new.

This first entry is about Melamine and Masking Tape — specifically, how to cleanly cut melamine-coated particle board without a dedicated blade (hint: it involves masking tape). Head over to YouTube to see the video.

Thanks for watching, and work safe!