No Lathe Pen Challenge: The Finalists

Finally, after over a month of watching videos, the judges have created a shortlist of videos that will be considered for first, second, and third prize in the No Lathe Pen Challenge! It’s been a long haul, but the end is in sight, and we should be able to announce a winner by next week. I’m excited. Are you excited? GET EXCITED.

The number next to the name indicates the video’s position in the playlist. Check ’em out:

3 Ollari’s
7 Wm. Walker Co.
12 Andrew Jones
13 Dan the Maker Man
28 FromTheHeartWoodMK
31 Vintage Wood Workshop
45 jimmydiresta
52 Gib Clark
60 Flirt Brooklyn
63 Mark Gets Bored
64 Oakmoon Life
65 Keith Decent
67 Jared Hildabrant
68 Mackenzie Rouleau
69 designer2k2
73 The Muz Shop
83 GP Woodworks
84 Paul Granger
86 sa-maker
89 Halifax Makerspace
90 Jackman Works
98 Braxton Wirthlin
110 JT Woodworks
115 Let’s Make Something Awesome Together
136 Lance Leonard
139 The Enginesmith
148 Alex 2Q
164 Maker in Training
179 Don Gorham
194 Chen Lu
195 Works by Solo
203 eRHonc